Tea towels & Tassels

The entire state of Ohio has migrated down to HHI, beach parking lots are packed, Gregg Russell concerts are in full swing…Summer is officially here! With each new season comes exciting new goodies for the shop too. This Summer I am excited to introduce two awesome, independent, made in the U.S.A companies. First up….Belle &Continue reading “Tea towels & Tassels”

Not Your Average Cooler! Haul Couture Cooler Bags!

You spent Memorial Day Weekend dragging that bulky cooler around, and while your beach tote was adorable, your big, blue, plastic cooler was not.  Why sacrifice style for function when you can have both with Haul Couture coolers?  Looks like a beach tote, cools like a cooler, and has insert-able shelf to keep your food away fromContinue reading “Not Your Average Cooler! Haul Couture Cooler Bags!”