Holiday Coffee Tasting Party

Cheers to the Holidays! I caught a glimpse of Kate Hudson discussing her new book Pretty Fun on the Today Show  the other week. I thought since our good pals from Java Burrito Co. are next door to the shop…why shouldn’t we “ring in the Holidays” with a fun coffee tasting!CGP2017_FallLouette-5

We honestly had the best time! I approached Frederika, Owner of Java Burrito Co. and she concocted three Holiday drinks.

  1. Signature Iced Brew (’cause we’re in the Lowcountry and when we met it was like 80 degrees!)
  2. White Forest Mocha
  3. Peppermint Mocha (my FAVE!)

We met and discussed how our goal is to make the Holidays “less stressful”…if there is such a thing. Celia (from Harbor Affair) spiced up the scene with her amazing “one-liners” and photog skills. (On that note…if you haven’t seen Celia’s epic ode to her 32nd birthday and “Cake by the Ocean”  CLICK HERE).

CGP2017_FallLouette-3We came to the conclusion that the key to Happy, Stress-less Holidays is not to to take yourself too seriously. As Mother’s and/or business Owners the Holidays can represent your bottomline or time to shine — so to speak. Christmas morning is every Mother’s “MOMENT” and 4th quarter for most buisnesses is “IT”. But if you are like me, some of those quote on quote “magical moments” or perfect Holiday events turn into a Clarke Griswold Holiday breakdown–CLICK HERE.

Que our epic conversation over coffee about the awesomeness of the new millenial term…


It’s so ridiculous but amazing all the same time. It makes any statement, picture or event that involves the holidays just “silly”. Google it: #holidayaf. It will make you laugh and you will apply it to every family Holiday photo going forward.  Cheers to a fun, stress-less Holiday or at least some cynical friends to drink coffee with.




PS–speaking of #holidayaf…how cute are these??? Get your Holiday party started. Check out our Holiday SHOP for more!







3 a.m Eternal



It’s 5:58 am and I’ve been up with my youngest, Rose.

All. Night. Long.

We’ve been walking the hallways, rocking, singing and everything else you do to lull a babe to sleep.

Oh, I forgot about the cursing. Not directly at my child, but at pretty much anything else. Walking, rocking, singing and cursing. Please go the F*&K to sleep!

(**Do not click on the above link if you are squirmy about the F-bomb. But DO click on the link if you have no shame).

Unfortunately, Rose has not slept through the night in basically two years. I really can’t think about it too much or I get a little depressed. Not complaining. Just stating the facts.

I always find myself singing songs to my children that just pop into my head. Madonna’s “Holiday” is a favorite, Lisa Loeb “Stay”–I know every single word.

But…this little gem came out of NOWHERE  this morning and I definitely started to laugh at myself.  Obscure? Absolutely.  Awesome? You bet your sweet 90’s tush it is.

Does anyone else remember this song??? Listen to the lyrics. Yes, KLF…3 am does feel E-T-E-R-N-A-L.  Perfect little club jam for sleepless Mothers. No one wants to be up at 3 am. It totally feels eternal. Right? Cheers to all my 90’s Mamas out there that now experience a whole new meaning to “3 am Eternal” that has nothing to do with clubbing.


PS- If you live on Hilton Head Island and need a caffeine jolt…visit my pals at Java Burrito Co. They just launched their Holiday Coffee drinks!


Love Bites


Join us Wednesday, February 1st for a sipping & shopping event to kick off the month of  L-O-V-E! Once again, we’ve collaborated with our pals Porter & Pig, Little Fish Boateak and Beauty Counter to bring you a ‘one stop’ shopping event. Grab your best gal-pals to enjoy love “bites”, cocktails, Louette Pop-Up Shop and Trunk Shows featuring Beauty Counter and Little Fish Boateak.  CLICK HERE for event invite!


Valentines Day Gifts


We’re feeling the love at Louette and stocking the shop with loads of great Valentine’s Day gifts. One of our favorites is the adorably packaged Love Potion #9 Candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio–the perfect gift for any Valentine. Read More…

Don’t forget to stop by the shop to write a LOVENOTE! We will feature it on our window in the Village at Wexford.



Brunch: 1. a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast or lunch.


Obviously, Merriam nor Webster were Southern. If you will be on Hilton Head Island the weekend of the RBC Heritage, and Easter brunch is far more than a measly meal. Ya’ll, BRUNCH next weekend is… the social event of the year!


Not prepared. No problem. From tantalizing s-l-o-w Southern Cook Books to classy table-wear we’ve got you covered. On a budget? Don’t sweat it. Below are three sure fire ways to class-up your brunch table–without breaking the bank!


1. Glass

Milk Glass Cake Plates are a staple at Louette. They are wildly popular and to be honest, we have difficulty keeping them in stock. A trick of the trade: use cake plates to layer your table–add height and dimension without breaking a sweat. Trendy? Cupcakes are all the rage these days (because, well, who doesn’t love a cupcake!). Use our cute lil’ 6 in. cake plates to sweetly display smaller treats such as cupcakes. Love! ($40-$60)

Milk Glass Cake plate in Tuscan Rose
Milk Glass Cake plate in Tuscan Rose

2. Linen

Nothing is quite as simple and elegant as linen. Our favorite linen table runners, napkins and kitchen towels from our pals at IceMilk Aprons are perfection. The red stitching adds the perfect detail. Add these to your table and you will fall in love. Bonus: they are easy, easy to wash and can be dressed up for your fancy brunch or dressed down for that other meal….lunch. ($15-$30)




3. Fragrance

Our beaded glass candles from Voluspa come in the perfect Spring pallet. The scents are out of this world. Why we love these? The glass is absolutely gorgeous. Pair a candle or two next to some pretty flowers or place a candle on top of one of your milk-glass cake plates for a cute display. Perfection! ($20-$40)





Not into hosting? Here are our picks for best Brunch spots on the island!

A Lowcountry Backyard

A Lowcountry Backyard
A Lowcountry Backyard

Great for a low-key brunch. In Spring there is no cuter backyard than at A Lowcountry Backyard. Traditional wooden swings and lanterns adorn this backyard oasis. This is no hoity-toity outing! Lowcountry is a family-run restaurant that prides itself on being welcoming to families. You MUST try Nancy’s banana pudding…you will not be disappointed.

**Don’t forget to say “hi” to our favorite employee, Austin!

Black Marlin

Black Marlin
Black Marlin

The Black Marlin is definitely an island staple.  The banana’s foster is out of this world! Party people: the build your own bloody mary station might have you stumbling a couple feet to the Hurricane Bar for a long Sunday Funday! Watching boats float by while brunching’–Now, that’s a SUNDAY!

Live Oak (Sea Pines Resort)

Live Oak
Live Oak

Exquisite is the only word to describe the latest addition to brunch locations on Hilton Head Island. The newly built Plantation Golf Club is lowcountry-chic at it’s finest. The menu accommodates a wide range of preferences from gluten-free to vegan. The entire restaurant overlooks the Heron Point and Ocean Golf Courses. Breathtaking! Don’t procrastinate this is one place you need to make reservations for.


Happy brunchin’



Where To…Brunch!

Whether you’re debating on brunch, lunch or dinner, we’ve found one of the tastiest spots on the island serving all local and freshly made dishes. LowCountry Produce Market & Cafe has everything you want and things you never knew you needed, you must get there ASAP! It’s located in Sea Pines Center.


Local harvest calendar so you can plan which veggies to buy and get them at their peak!

These doughnuts…to die for. And at $1.25 a pop, so easy to grab one for all the kids or your boss at work. Instant obsession!


Word on the street is that there will soon be a section to grab an adult beverage with the girls at LowCountry Produce, but you didn’t hear that from us! 😉

Date Night on Hilton Head Island

charlie's green star logo

So you’ve got your new dress, and your new metallic flops for every occasion, but where are you and your hot date going to head for an amazing meal with an amazing wine list? Charlie’s L’Etoile Verte.

charlie's green star outside

Make sure to make a reservation, but get there early to start your date night at the bar.  Cozy sofas line the room to give you and your date a nice place to cuddle while you sip on your first glass.  The decor is homey, and not stuffy in the slightest.  You feel welcome in the dressy casual atmosphere, and the staff is extremely helpful.  Charlie’s also boasts an in-house sommelier who can help you pick the best wine to pair with your meal.


What to eat? Anything.  The Filet Mignon is exceptional, as is the Cobia if you like a meaty fish.  Charlie’s is fine dining with a casual appeal.  Great for special occasions, or girl’s night out.

Book a reservation by calling them at 843.785.9277 and check out their menu here.

Low Country Cookin’ on Hilton Head Island

Moonshine sampler. Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Banana puddin’. Three Southern staples, three delicious dishes at Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant just down the sidewalk from us at the Village Exchange Shopping Center.

Lowcountry Backyard patio HHI

It’s Friday night, and if you’re wondering where to eat, you should definitely try Lowcountry Backyard.  It’s a happening spot in Hilton Head, so make sure you are prepared to wait as they don’t take reservations.  Lucky for you, our new summer hours are in full swing, so you can shop until 7pm M-F, and during brunch until 4pm on Saturdays.  If you missed us, you can prop yourself up at the bar at LowCountry or just down the sidewalk at Cool Cats Lounge.

Banana Pudding Low Country backyard Hilton Head

Menu highlights? The moonshine sampler starts with regular ol’ moonshine, followed by peach, honeysuckle and berry flavors.  The Backyard Sampler hits all the right spots, starting with moonshine BBQ chicken, root beer glazed shrimp and the homemade BBQ pork.  For sides, you’ll enjoy collard greens and  apple ‘n’ raisin coleslaw.  (Add some Mac ‘n’ Cheese, trust us!) Not feeling like so many choices, the meatloaf is light but filling.  Last, but certainly not to be missed, the BANANA PUDDING. Oh. My. Gosh. It’s to die for.

You can’t go wrong at Lowcountry.  Live music, moonshine and a little Southern comfort food.

Like them on Facebook and check out their menu!