3 a.m Eternal



It’s 5:58 am and I’ve been up with my youngest, Rose.

All. Night. Long.

We’ve been walking the hallways, rocking, singing and everything else you do to lull a babe to sleep.

Oh, I forgot about the cursing. Not directly at my child, but at pretty much anything else. Walking, rocking, singing and cursing. Please go the F*&K to sleep!

(**Do not click on the above link if you are squirmy about the F-bomb. But DO click on the link if you have no shame).

Unfortunately, Rose has not slept through the night in basically two years. I really can’t think about it too much or I get a little depressed. Not complaining. Just stating the facts.

I always find myself singing songs to my children that just pop into my head. Madonna’s “Holiday” is a favorite, Lisa Loeb “Stay”–I know every single word.

But…this little gem came out of NOWHERE  this morning and I definitely started to laugh at myself.  Obscure? Absolutely.  Awesome? You bet your sweet 90’s tush it is.

Does anyone else remember this song??? Listen to the lyrics. Yes, KLF…3 am does feel E-T-E-R-N-A-L.  Perfect little club jam for sleepless Mothers. No one wants to be up at 3 am. It totally feels eternal. Right? Cheers to all my 90’s Mamas out there that now experience a whole new meaning to “3 am Eternal” that has nothing to do with clubbing.


PS- If you live on Hilton Head Island and need a caffeine jolt…visit my pals at Java Burrito Co. They just launched their Holiday Coffee drinks!


Get Pinning–Contest

All Louette Ladies have a certain sense of style and creativity. We love to hear stories about what happens to our beloved Louette goods after they leave the shop. Did you pair one of our dresses with killer heels for a cocktail party? Does our Elizabeth W candle add the perfect aroma and detail to your guest bath? Did the organic onesie give a NEW Mom a smile? Show us your pics… In September it pays to Pin!

Louette Lifestyle Pin 2 Win

  • Pin your pictures of Louette products (home, baby or clothing)
  •  Use #louettelifestyle (make sure to use this hashtag on all your pins using Louette products)
  •  At the end of the month we will pick our favorite picture
  • Winner will receive a $75 Gift Certificate to Louette Boutique

Check out our Pinterest page here–click on Louette Lifestyle to see some pin-spiration

Contest RULES: Begins September 11th and ends September 30th at 6pm

MUST USE #louettelifestyle to be entered

We love Pinterest! Here are Louette’s TOP 5 MOST PINNED items, all are available in the shop. 


1. The Classic Denim Shirt Sizes: Small, Medium and Large available at the shop





2. Fir & Grapefruit scent from Barr-Co Clean and crisp, perfect for the kitchen. We have soap, 10 oz and 16 oz candles in stock




Unknown-5 copy 2
3. Bamboo Cotton Infinity Scarf Colors: Slate/Black (shown), Black, Red/Black **Perfect as a game day accessory!




images-3 copy 2
4. Yosi Samra Fold Up Flat Our most popular shoe, core colors in stock



5. Tin Recipe Box We love Rifle Paper Co. and are excited to carry their adorable recipe tins and recipe cards. A great hostess or wedding gift.

Why Bamboo Cotton = Better!

Why Bamboo Cotton = Better!

“Why is bamboo cotton better than regular cotton?”UnknownWe hear this question every week! It is understandable, demand is slowly driving the cost of bamboo cotton down, but it is still pricey compared to just “plain ‘ole cotton”.

Here are few reasons why bamboo cotton is worth the extra coin:

1. Sensitive Skin– For those of us who have temperamental skin, bamboo cotton is a saving grace. We sell the majority of our baby-bamboo cotton to Moms who are dealing with childhood eczema and other common skin irritations in babies. It is a life saver! The main reason? Bamboo cotton is anti-fungal!

2. Sweat no more– Bamboo cotton absorbs and evaporates quickly. Perfect for the hot and humid Lowcountry days. This “super” cotton naturally wicks away heat and dries super fast. As a result, sweat marks do not linger and you will stay cool while wearing bamboo cotton.

Our biggest selling item at Louette? Our popular boat neck bamboo cotton Kai top. We recommend not throwing this gem in the dryer due to moisture wicking properties, it will dry perfectly on its own.

3. UV Protection– This wonder fabric cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays. Bamboo cotton is perfect for the beach! We just returned from Market, in Atlanta, and we have the most adorable Bamboo Cotton tunics, nightgowns and onesies arriving within the next month. Want to see what all the buzz is about? Come on in and try on one of our Bamboo Cotton Kai tops. We promise you will be hooked.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage….

Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!  And no baby comes without a slew of baby showers and we all need the perfect, most unique gifts to show our loved ones how much we care.  Boy or girl, Louette has the CUTEST baby section.

louette onsies

We’ve talked about our bamboo onesies before, but have you seen our latest arrivals? We’re dying over crocheted elephants, parenting books and diaper clutches. We still love our bejeweled headbands for baby girls, and our littlest Louette employee, Miss Ella Grace, is a perfect model for those!

Patchwork Quilts for the nursery!
Patchwork Quilts for the nursery!
Bedtime stories and fortune telling
Bedtime stories and fortune telling
More baby books and that bute crocheted whale!
More baby books and that bute crocheted whale!
Daiper clutch, because no one wants an ugly diaper bag!
Daiper clutch, because no one wants an ugly diaper bag!

louette parenthood book


Travel Chic!

You’re headed for girl’s weekend, a trip to Vegas, or just a trip to Athens for the UGA game with your friends when you start unpacking your toiletries and you spy the cute toiletries bag your friend has. You quickly unpack your plastic baggies and place your products on the sink so no one sees the unsightly “toiletries bags” you brought, and ask your friend where she got such cute bags.


“They’re Stephanie Johnson. I got them at Louette.” DUH. Why didn’t you go to Louette before this trip? You needed a new clutch and new TKEES anyway.

Has that ever happened to you before? Because it happened to me last weekend! My Stephanie Johnson totes we the perfect matching travel accessory. And when my moisturizer exploded, all I had to do was wipe the inside clean with a cloth. Ultra chic travel bags that are in stock now at Louette, but probably won’t be for long!

DSC_0106 DSC_0105


We love Instagram here at Louette, and honestly who doesn’t? #ILookAMAZINGInValencia Your favorite filter makes any photo better, but it’s sad that we can’t take those photos and bring them into our real, live universe.  Are they really stuck in our phones forever? Silly, girls, Louette is here to save the day.

HHI 111

Instagram albums with the perfect sized spaces for your insta-goodies.  Follow us @LouetteBoutique and make sure to tag us when you’re headed out on HHI in your fabulous new Louette finds! We want selfies with statement necklaces.  We want mirror pics showing off your new maxi dress. And we most certainly want a photo #mykoozieisbetterthanyours with your Satchel metallic leather koozie.

HHI 107 HHI 099 HHI 097

Bamboo For Babies

Bamboo is quite possibly the most comfortable fabric on the planet, and what you may or may not know about bamboo is that it’s also moisture-wicking, breathable, and quick-drying.  But what do all those things mean and why are they so great for your baby?

Bamboo is a 100% natural, organic fiber.  It is also extremely soft and won’t cause your little one to be uncomfortable.  With the summer headed our way, we want our babies to be cool, dry and comfortable, and bamboo onesies and leggings from Louette are the perfect way to accomplish this.

bamboo baby onesies

A hot baby is an unhappy baby, so grab a bamboo onesie in one of these cute prints and pair it with some of our new bamboo baby leggings.  Your little one will be able to feel the beachy breeze and stay cool and dry all day long, which means a more relaxing day for mom.

Bamboo also has the natural ability to block out UVA and UVB rays, so the clothes not only keep your baby cool, but also protect her from some of the sun’s harmful rays.  We suggest keeping her lathered up in sun block, too.

We just can’t get enough of these chevron print onesies, and they are flying out of here.  You can also pair it with one of our gorgeous vintage baby headbands!  Call us to put one on hold or to have it shipped to you, 843.686.4141.