Hello there! My name is Heather Quinn. Thanks for visiting.

Chaos + Spanish Moss organically developed from my shop blog (louettelifestyle.com). Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that the majority of good fortune in my life has been born from total chaos! Instead of fighting it…I’ve learned to “roll with it”.

Originally from Atlanta, Ga. My husband (Brian Quinn) and I met at the University of Georgia. While living in East Atlanta, Brian was working for a local builder/developer that took us under his wing. In 2007 we were approached to move to Hilton Head Island to complete a large building project. Excited to be on “vacation” for a year we naively moved to HHI thinking we would be back in Atlanta within 9 months. Then…the market crashed. My husband basically had no job to go back to. He then decided to start his own company called the Twelve Oaks Group. I went back to grad school to earn my Masters in Special Education because marketing jobs were not readily available.

A few years later…I became pregnant with our first child. A typical pregnancy turned into tragedy when our baby girl, Harper, was born April 26th 2012 but due to complications only survived for twelve hours. Devastated and depressed I decided that I could not continue teaching. Feeling lost and scared my husband urged me to work on “that dream I had always had of opening a boutique”. I thought this was irresponsible because I had been far removed from my marketing career. But…I went with it. {read more…CLICK HERE}

Louette opened in March of 2013. I named the shop after my beautiful and eccentric Grandmother (Louette Brown). It has been a whirlwind! While running a business, I’ve since had two more children (Ella Grace and Rose).

Here is a glimpse into our crazy life of running two businesses and raising kiddos!

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