Closing a Chapter


I am CLOSING my shop. 

I am closing my beautiful little shop with the adorable bell on the door that my Grandmother {the shop’s namesake, put on the door to keep “bad guys” away}; I am closing my shop that always plays French music {even though I don’t speak French and neither did my Grandmother but it is the prettiest language and everything in the shop just had to be pretty}; I am closing my shop that has perfectly curated candles and fresh lavender buds on hand at all times just to add to the loveliness; I am closing my shop that has gorgeous reclaimed wood on the walls in all different shades of blue that my husband hand-picked and pressure washed and people ask to buy on a weekly basis and I simple respond “these will never be for sale”; I am closing my little shop that ladies would rush in and say things like “I just feel happy here”, “I just love all the beautiful things”, “my kids and husband are driving me crazy and I just wanted to walk around somewhere and I chose to come here”; I am closing my shop and saying “goodbye” to all my Louette Ladies {past & present}–the gals who love this lovely little shop as much as I do.  I am closing LOUETTE BOUTIQUE and that is just as it should be.

My Mother recently sent me an article written by Maria Shriver. The piece focused on this one quote from a book called Seven Ages of Paris: 

“What a beautiful life I’ve had. It’s a pity I didn’t notice it sooner”.

My decision to close the shop I love so very much is easily expressed by this quote.  And, yes, Mother’s are always right. Its annoying but promising because as a Mother myself, I am really excited to one day have the “superpower” of being right as well.

In short, I am closing the shop to spend more time with my family. The past year, I have noticed feeling “out of control”. My kids need me more, my husband owns a busy and successful Design/Build Company and I owe it to myself and my family to “slow down” and take stock.

Please know this…I have so much LOVE for anyone that ever stepped foot in Louette Boutique. Even today, when someone says they love my shop I get chills. When I opened in 2013, I had no idea I would meet so many amazing people. Our plan is to be OPEN thru August. Please come in and say “hello”. Also, for more details on my decision to close look for my article in the August issue of CH2 Magazine.



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