Rabbit Hole

Okay, seriously I cannot  recall the past eight weeks! If you feel as if I fell down a Rabbit Hole you are correct.

First, we welcomed sweet baby Rose into the world on November 16th.

IMG_3498It has been crazy-love ever since. Love because we are so very much in love with Rose and crazy because having a newborn and a 2 year old is just plain c-r-a-z-y (crazy in the we are super blessed and super sleep deprived kinda way).

First came baby…and then came the Holidays….ahhh!

After many hectic days at Louette (thanks to ALL of our loyal Holiday Shoppers), I have finally landed safely in the New Year. I think.

My Louette Ladies and I have some pretty amazing changes on the horizon. Stay tuned for a HUGE announcement at the end of January (we are busting at the seams and cannot wait to reveal our BIG news).


In the meantime…don’t miss our WINTER SALE! Items are 30%-75% OFF

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Happy 2016




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