Lowcountry in the City

Truth time. I am a mutt. No, seriously I am. Here’s the deal…


I have been born and raised in the South (born in Texas, raised in the Atl., graduated from The University of Georgia and live in Hilton Head, SC). However, both my parents are from Long Island, NY and the majority of my family live in Manhattan, Long Island and New England.

Here a some confessions of a Southernor who was raised by Yankees:

I did not have sweet tea until I was 18 years old and it makes me gag–what I am trying to say is that.. I hate sweet tea (gasp!), my mom made grits once and all us kids thought she had burned oatmeal, I say “y’all” but do not have a s-l-o-w southern drawl and I use the F**word often–something only New Yorkers think is completely normal (it’s my Yankee parents fault).

Despite my Yankee tendencies,  I love the South—the hospitality, warm weather, Waffle House (CLICK HERE to found out why Waffle House is the one true source of happiness), the Braves, the culture, and of course, The Lowcountry! The South is my home. But, I do feel the need to escape now and again; I get itchy and need to wear all black and not smile or say thank you to every single person I see…it feels AWESOME!


This trip I was lucky enough to venture out of  Manhattan for a few days and headed East to the cutest little town on the planet…Northport, Long Island. This little seaside town is the quaint and majestic–loads of sailboats and “mom & pop” shops.

After eating my way through town, I stumbled across Heartichoke. The name alone is precious. This Northport staple is set back off the main strip, once you walk inside you are greeted with beautiful chandeliers, vintage jewelry mixed with new handbags and an array of unique goods. I fell in love with the attention detail and the mixture of new, found and old goodies. Such a gem!




I am lucky to have tons of family in NY and visit often. My love affair with Manhattan is ongoing. Every time I visit the Big Apple,  I always seem to come back down South rejuvenated. The creativity alone is inspiring, only in NYC can a trash can become art.

It also makes me appreciate life below the Mason Dixon line. I love Hilton Head Island and all the mystery of the Lowcountry. Louette is a direct reflection of myself; southern through and through with a knack for finding the cool and unusual. There will always be room for the Yank and the Southern Belle at Louette!

Where have you traveled lately that inspired you?



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