Stocking Stuffers

Chapstick, lip balm, socks, a new toothbrush, candy and gum. Growing up these items were staples in our stockings. Not that these items don’t rock (sorry, Mom) but a gal can only deal with so many socks. Here is our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide. You will find great small gifts that are the perfect stocking stuffers, teacher gifts or hostess gift.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2014 


1. Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Cloths


Each package of screen cleansing cloths is housed in a resealable package with a classic design. Throw in your purse, diaper bag, car…wherever. Not only do they clean the grimy grundge off your cellphone, you can use them to clean ANY touch screen. Also great for cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Always a best-seller at Louette, these are the best stocking stuffers for any busy person in your life.

Celebrities love them too! We recently spotted them highlighted on Olivia Palermo’s Lifestyle Blog.


2. Kitsch Leatherette Hair Ties


Is that bracelet a hair tie? Or is that hair tie a bracelet? The Leatherette is BOTH!

Kitsch created the most genius hair accessory. Knowing that the majority of woman have a hair tie around their wrist, at some point during the day, Kitsch decided to make it more functional.

Introducing the leatherette hair tie! Designed to moonlight as a fashion forward leather bracelet when it is not in your hair, the leatherette hair tie takes the juvenile hair tie and upgrades it to an acceptable staple in the adult world. Available in white, black and snake skin. Finally! An accessory that is truly functional. Amen!



3. Elizabeth W Hand Salve 

Winter equals dry, cracked cuticles. Ugh! Sometimes lotion only goes so far to heal “winter hands” so Elizabeth W went a step further and created a fabulous hand salve that truly helps heal winter hands.

Staying true to their small-batch production, Elizabeth W packs a big punch in this little package. The salve is super thick, and lasts FOREVER. Our favorite scent? Rosemary. It’s clean, bright and perfect for cold winter days. A perfect stocking stuffer!


4. Mouse in a Box

We can’t have a Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide without highlighting something for the wee ones. We just can’t get enough of our “Mouse in a Box”! These little creatures come with a pillow, blanket and bed made out of a matchbox.  The whimsical design from Denmark gives this unique gift a classic feel. Perfect for 18mo-3yrs.


5. Pocket Angel


Sometimes the smallest gesture is the most heart-felt. Our pocket angels are the perfect stocking stuffer! We have enjoyed hearing the kind and creative ways our clients have gifted these pocket angels this holiday season.

-Use as a stocking stuffer

-Include one in your holiday cards

-keep in your pocket and “pay forward” to someone who needs it

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