About a year ago, I started a “Grateful 4” board that stands in our kitchen. My intention was to utilize it only for the month of November. Procrastination and life took over,  and it never came down.

Sometimes procrastination is a good thing though. All year long our family and friends have added to the board. It has become my favorite piece of “art” in our home. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on all the people and things we are grateful for. I am grateful for all the blessings that surround me and my family. This board is a constant reminder to be grateful–which is important because it’s easy to get wrapped up in the busy, negative non-sense of life.

I am also grateful for my business.

Louette Boutique is a labor of love. It would not be successful without the eternal love and support from my friends and family. Brian (my husband) is our on-call maintenance man and the person who believes in me more than I believe in myself.  Little Ella Grace is dragged in and out of the shop daily (she will appreciate it one day…I hope). Building a business requires faith, guts and mentors. My childhood best-friend, designer and all-around amazing businesswoman has been by my side since day one. Jessica is my sounding board, problem-solver, and best-friend for whom I am forever grateful for.

I am grateful for ALL the Louette Ladies that support us throughout the year. Some started window shopping before we were even open (you know who are!). With your support, Louette Boutique has grown and even earned some pretty amazing celebrity clients this year.

I am most grateful for the incredible ladies that work at Louette! I am a lucky gal to be surrounded by funny, smart and hard-working woman that care about Louette Boutique as much as I do. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! xo


We are ready for the Holiday Shopping season to begin! Louette Boutique will be OPEN on Black Friday (November 28th, 2014) from 10am-6pm.

THE ENTIRE SHOP WILL BE 25% OFF from 10am-12pm

THE ENTIRE SHOP WILL BE 15% OFF from 12pm-6pm

Enjoy complimentary champagne!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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