New Louette Lady: Stella McCartney



With Fashion Week hitting New York next week, we are honored to be able to let you know that one of the world’s biggest fashion designers, Stella McCartney, is now a Louette Lady. After finding the Louette blog and falling in love with the aesthetic of the store and styling of the collections, Stella’s assistant rang us to place an order for eighteen of our best-selling, and most fabulous gifts, the embroidered Turkish towels. We are beyond thrilled to have Stella McCartney as a Louette client, and will be following her fashionable lead and buying everyone in our family Turkish towels as well!



Stella McCartney is known for her classic styling with a forward look, who believes in responsible designs and production. She focuses on using sustainable and vegan fabrics whiles styling her collections for strong, independent women. Her style comes from a plethora of places and, as seen in this interview with Vogue, she is a visionary and inspirational person who is always looking to empower women, and we at Louette love her for it.

Hear more about Stella’s collections and inspirations here:

Behind the scenes of Stella’s personal order and the custom Turkish towels sold at Louette:

Heather Quinn, from Louette, consulted with Stella’s Assistant on color and fabric choices. Wanting to keep the project local, Heather coordinated efforts with Lettrs, Hilton Head Island’s “go-to” shop for monogram and embroidery services. Debbie and the Lettrs Team were super friendly and easy to work with.


The finished product! Want Stella’s look for your home? Come into the shop and we can help you design the perfect Fouta gift.




Louette staffer, Sarah, packing up the towels for the McCartney family.
Louette Associate, Sarah, diligently packaging the Foutas for shipment.


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