Why Bamboo Cotton = Better!

“Why is bamboo cotton better than regular cotton?”UnknownWe hear this question every week! It is understandable, demand is slowly driving the cost of bamboo cotton down, but it is still pricey compared to just “plain ‘ole cotton”.

Here are few reasons why bamboo cotton is worth the extra coin:

1. Sensitive Skin– For those of us who have temperamental skin, bamboo cotton is a saving grace. We sell the majority of our baby-bamboo cotton to Moms who are dealing with childhood eczema and other common skin irritations in babies. It is a life saver! The main reason? Bamboo cotton is anti-fungal!

2. Sweat no more– Bamboo cotton absorbs and evaporates quickly. Perfect for the hot and humid Lowcountry days. This “super” cotton naturally wicks away heat and dries super fast. As a result, sweat marks do not linger and you will stay cool while wearing bamboo cotton.

Our biggest selling item at Louette? Our popular boat neck bamboo cotton Kai top. We recommend not throwing this gem in the dryer due to moisture wicking properties, it will dry perfectly on its own.

3. UV Protection– This wonder fabric cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays. Bamboo cotton is perfect for the beach! We just returned from Market, in Atlanta, and we have the most adorable Bamboo Cotton tunics, nightgowns and onesies arriving within the next month. Want to see what all the buzz is about? Come on in and try on one of our Bamboo Cotton Kai tops. We promise you will be hooked.

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