Casual Perfection: The Fashion Sweatshirt

It’s a closet staple, and sometimes we forget that staples still need to be updated to stay fashionable.  The casual winter sweatshirt pairs perfectly with activewear post-yoga at Jiva Yoga Center and with your killer AG jeans.  The best part about this piece is that it is a great fall, winter and spring item as it’s light enough to wear at the beach and also layer over during the winter.  Cinched at the bottom to give you shape, with cropped sleeves to make it trendy, this piece is a MUST HAVE.

louette sweatshirt

Wear it to work over a starched collared button down and skinny trousers and pumps.  You can put one of our amazing statement necklaces under the collar of the shirt to add a little oomph to the outfit.

Wear it with jeans over a cami and with flip-flops for day or wedges for night.  It’s the perfect casual chic piece that takes you from dinner to a night out and keeps you looking like the cute, low-key girl every man wants to date!

Wear it with shorts during a gorgeous spring day to keep the beach breeze from giving you a chill.  It’s also perfect to pull on if you’ve caught too much sun but still want to play in the sand with the kids.

One piece, SO many different looks.  Do you have one in your closet? No!? Come grab this one from Louette.

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