Holiday Gifts For Teachers!

If there is a person other than a mother who deserves a reward daily, it’s a teacher.  They build our children up and teach them everything they need to know to get through life, and this holiday season not only should you get your child’s teacher something from our amazing gift guide below, we, at Louette, are rewarding teachers with 15% off on Thursday, December 5th from 4-6pm! We have ultra chic clothing to wear everyday to school that will have your kids voting you best dressed!Gift guide For Teachers

1. Cavallini and Co sticky notes– these beautifully packaged sticky notes come with 5-6 different sized notes in a sweet tin– each one has a pretty design, $16
2.Vance Kitira Pear Candle- These candles are perfect alone or as a set. They burn beautifully and are a great addition to anyone’s home, $6 ea.

3. Elizabeth W hand lotion in Vetiver– This is the BEST hand lotion on the planet. The amazing fragrance is light enough to wear everyday, $26
4. Rifle Paper Co. Desktop Calendar– This calendar is the perfect size for any desk or office. Also, the “Cities” theme is beautifully illustrated, $16
5. Be Merry–a sweet gift book about the joy of the season. $12.95
With all of these gifts under $30, they are a sure-fire way to get an A+ in gift giving this holiday season!  Pick up some other gifts from Louette while you’re there, and make sure to send our gift guides to all of your friends!

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