Gift Guides: To Send To The Man In Your Life

We’ve all heard the horror stories about bad gifts for Christmas, and let’s be honest, although we love the men in our lives most of them are completely clueless about what you want.  The best way to get what’s on your wishlist this year? “Accidentally” send them the address to Louette with the message “You have got to go here, they have the cutest stuff! I am dying for *insert favorite piece here*.” Then e-mail immediately after “Oops, meant to send that to *insert best friend’s name here*. SORRY!”

Take a look at some of our new arrivals and start sending accidental e-mails now! We are selling out of things like crazy!


All of these statement earrings are perfection.  If your man can’t find stocking stuffers, this should be his first and last stop.

 1452157_479507575503639_389356149_n (2)

Yosi Samra flats that are foldable. Perfect to keep in the car, your gym bag, the baby bag and everywhere else you can think of.  The Kardashians wear them, which means these flats are super chic.


Handmade bracelets and necklaces that ensure you’ll never be caught wearing the same thing as someone else.  If he shops our jewelry selection, you’re bound to love your gift!

1451574_486609171460146_7544956_n (2)

We don’t even have words for this dress. PHE-NOM-EN-AL. Perfection for holiday parties and dancing the night away on New Year’s Eve.  If he gets you this, he gets a get out of jail free card, too!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of amazing gifts at Louette!  If your man is struggling, just mention that the girls at Louette are the best personal shoppers and make holiday shopping easy. We’re here to help, so give us a call if you need any holiday help!

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