Gifts For The Girl Who Has Everything

There’s one in every family and one in every friend group, and when the holidays roll around you dread finding a present for “The Girl Who Has Everything”.  This year, don’t fret! Louette has amazing, unique gifts that are bound to add a little something special to her massive closet and make her love you forever!

Louette Gift Guide 1

1. Well Kept Cleansing Towelettes ($4.99): With cute packaging and the ability to keep her phone and iPad smudge free, these cloths are the perfect addition to our cute Rifle Paper Phone Cases!

2. Elizabeth W Diffuser in Vetiver ($65.00):  This diffuser will last AT LEAST 2 years and the scent and packaging are uber chic. Perfection if she just bought a new home!

3. Bamboo Cotton Yala Kai Top ($59.00): Our BEST SELLER! This top is super comfortable and the stripes keep it classic.  The girl who has everything always has room for another classic piece in her closet!

4. Satchel Leather Koozie ($20.00): We can promise she doesn’t have one of these, as Satchel products are one of a kind!  Metallic koozies are the perfect gift for everyone!

5. FashionABLE Scarves ($35.00): Give back while giving gifts! Every girl has room for more scarves in her life, they take every outfit from okay to unbelievable.

Did you check out our Gifts for Under $25?  And keep checking back for more gift guides through the holiday season!

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