Ultra Chic Layering Techniques!

In The South, knowing how to layer is a must.  There is a common misconception when it comes to layering, many women avoid it because they think the layers will make them look like they have packed on a few pounds.  Follow this simple rules and you’ll never feel “fluffy” again!

Layering Techniques

Rules for Layering:

  1. Start with a basic, fitted top like a camisole or t-shirt.  Keep the colors solid or a basic striped or polka dot pattern.
  2. Add a cardigan or lightweight sweater.
  3. Add a lightweight jacket, like a denim jacket.  Something slim works best if you need to layer a winter coat on top, but denim and leather always work!
  4. Don’t need a coat? Feel free to add a heavy knit sweater here to keep you cozy.
  5. Add a lightweight scarf if it’s not too chilly or a knit scarf if the temperatures have dropped!
  6. Throw on your favorite accessories. Bangles, earrings, rings, or a statement necklace. As you shed the layers, these will keep the outfit interesting!

More tips!

  • Add color on the second layer to get a pop of brightness!
  • Tie your scarf in a ton of ways to give your outfits a little OOMPH!
  • Flowy scarves and sweaters in your way? Belt them!
  • Mix up the fabric textures, lengths and weights! Too many of the same fabric types will add on pounds!

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