I Just Want To Make You SWEAT!

sweat is the best accessory


Okay, so maybe it’s not the BEST accessory (we think statement necklaces are), but we all know it takes work to get a bikini body and since HHI is known for its beaches, we’d like to recommend the best workout in town, SWEAT fitness with Jen Edwards.

jen edwards sweat bootcamp

She’s Workout Barbie meets G.I. Jane.  Hardcore and effective, Jen Edwards kicks your bum into gear and makes you come back for more.  She’s a sweetheart and has formulated the perfect workout for new moms, old moms, and non-moms. Our fearless leader, Heather, popped into a SWEAT workout last week with little Ella Grace in tow.  Strollers are allowed at SWEAT workouts, and you can take your little one with you from station to station and keep an eye on them.  Not sure you want the extra workout of pushing your bundle of joy from station to station? Come sans-tot and save that energy for a strong finish!

Football season is coming and to get into those cute dresses and drink all those cocktails without gaining a pound, we expect to see you at SWEAT.  Jen posts the schedules on her Facebook page, SWEAT Fitness or you can e-mail her with questions at sweatfitness@hotmail.com!

Sweat Bootcamp HHI

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