Just Got Paid, Friday Night!

It’s Friday night and we’re all looking for something to do, and some of us would like a vodka tonic, a cute man, and a fun atmosphere to hang out in while wearing our cute new Louette sale purchases.

Here’s all you need to know tonight: Cool Cats Lounge.  It’s two doors down from Louette, and it’s a locals’ hangout if there ever was one.  The owners work the bar and the guys are fun.  Live music fills the room, and the chill vibe is exactly where you want to be all night.

cool cats lounge HHI

What do we suggest for your evening? First, a stop into Louette to grab that final accessory. Then, Lowcountry Backyard for some down home Southern cooking with a Moonshine sampler for dessert, and maybe some of their famous banana pudding, too.  And finally, take the girls and head down the sidewalk into Cool Cats.

You aren’t just a customer, you’re a friend, and even if you’re not a local, you’ll feel like one.  Pop in for a drink and catch some fishing tips, too.  So, grab the friends and find your way to Cool Cats tonight, it’s way too fun to miss.

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