Come SALE Away!

Tomorrow night is Giveback Thursday and what better way to support a cause than to shop!?  Even better, we just added some amazing selections to our Summer Sale!

louette sale dresses

Need an excuse to buy a new dress, as if a 50% off sale isn’t enough?

The upper right corner can totally be a brand new game day dress. And that teal striped tunic? Oh my gawd, it would be amazing as a swimsuit coverup, but also with skinny jeans and wedges. (Versatility, ladies!)  The strapless floral print? Date. Night. Who wouldn’t take you out again if you show up in that with an amazing Satchel clutch. Labor day is coming and we need more America inspired clothing, and what better than a nautical themed dress?

Oh yeah, new TKEES go perfectly with every dress here.

Basically, you have zero excuses for missing Giveback Thursday for NAMI.  ;)Bring the kids, have some fro-yo and come enjoy a night of shopping!

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