What To Wear: College Game Day


College Football season is just around the corner, and no one is more excited than all the girls at Louette.  Our football fashion shipments are coming in, and you NEED a new outfit for every game.

So whether you’re watching in one of HHI’s bars or heading out to the game, we’re styling everyone for their team.  Don’t forget your Satchel koozies that everyone is bound to be jealous of and your Haul Couture cooler because no Southern football lovin’ gal should be caught dead schlepping a plastic cooler to a tailgate.



UGA game day outfit

A romper is a fantastic and easy way to dress for game day. Throw on a statement necklace and you’re all set! This red & black look is a chic way to support the Dawgs. Slide into your Tkees, and you’re football fashionista ways shine through!

Auburn Game Day Outfit 2

The peek-a-boo sleeve on this dress chosen for Auburn fans gives a place for the breeze to slip in and cool you off on those hot Alabama game days.  Did you know that peek-a-boo sleeves also help your arms appear thinner? #fashiontricks

Auburn Game Day Outfit This orange and navy dress can go for both Auburn or Clemson.  The ribbon tie allows you to cinch the dress at your smallest point, making you look smaller, and all your sorority sisters jealous! 😉

We’ve got more shipments coming in, so keep an eye on our facebook and instagram for new arrivals!  Our jewelry collection will add a little sass to any outfit, and you CAN NOT forget your Satchel one-of-a-kind clutch for game day.

Call us to hold one of these gameday outfits, (843) 686-4141!

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