Couture Koozies

Koozies are essential to Hilton Head Island’s lifestyle.  It’s hot and we can’t possibly let our drinks get warm, but there’s nothing worse than an ugly koozie. Enter our new favorite accessories brand, Satchel, and their unbelievably amazing leather koozies.  Game days and beach days never looked so good!

Metallic Leather Koozies

Your dreams just came true, right? Ours have, and we may or may not be picking up a collection to show off at our next dinner party with all the cute fixins’.  Throw away those old promotional Koozies and get into Louette for a slew of these fabulous finds.

Have you checked out our Facebook page lately? We just got in some gorgeous new gameday outfits! Only 43 days until kickoff! Go Dawgs!

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4 thoughts on “Couture Koozies

  1. […] Instagram albums with the perfect sized spaces for your insta-goodies.  Follow us @LouetteBoutique and make sure to tag us when you’re headed out on HHI in your fabulous new Louette finds! We want selfies with statement necklaces.  We want mirror pics showing off your new maxi dress. And we most certainly want a photo #mykoozieisbetterthanyours with your Satchel metallic leather koozie. […]

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