Susie TrendSetter: IceMilk Aprons

Are you a Susie Homemaker? Master of all things cooking, cleaning and baking? Your kitchen is your sanctuary and you bake those glorious double chocolate chip cookies in your wedges and Heather maxi dress from Louette while trying not to have the sticky chocolate fingers of your little ones get on your new dress or drip the batter on yourself while taste testing. 🙂

icemilk aprons

Sounds like you need to go from Susie Homemaker to Susie TrendSetter with an IceMilk apron, our gourmet line of handmade aprons.  Just like Louette, IceMilk Aprons was inspired by the owner’s grandmother, Cele.  These fashionable aprons protect your fabulous Louette buys and keep you looking chic.  We Southern girls know how to look good no matter what we’re up to!

icemilk logo

Stop by and grab an IceMilk Apron for yourself or one for your friend who makes the most amazing treats. Who knows…maybe she’ll bake you something as a thank you!

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