How To: Paper Tape Initials for Kids

There definitely isn’t a lack of things to do on Hilton Head Island, but sometimes the kids just don’t want to leave the house!  There are so many fun things to do with the Paper Tape we have in store, and it’s safe and easy for kids to do fun DIY projects with.

paper tape letter

These paper tape letters are perfect for the kids to make and hang in their bedrooms or bathrooms, and it doesn’t make a huge mess.

paper tape box

You can head to your local craft store and pick up wooden letters for this, or have the kids practice their handwriting and have them draw their initial on a piece of cardboard.  You can turn it into a bubble letter and have them cut on the lines.  Take the paper tape from Louette and have them put it in whatever design they’d like on the letter.  Once it’s all covered up, if you want to modge podge over the top, you can, or just leave it as is!

Perfect rainy day craft for kids of any age, or an adult who wants to have their monogram gracing the walls of their home!

Congratulations to Louette’s wonderful owner, Heather! Ella Grace came into the world fashionably early, and she couldn’t be more perfect.

ella grace

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