Local Highlight: Daina Wasserstrom & Associates

We’ve featured what we think is the healthiest place to eat on Hilton Head, but when it comes to bringing health to your body and mind, we don’t have to go far. Actually, we just have to cross the parking lot and head to see Daina and Maggie at Daina Wasserstrom & Associates.


Daina and Maggie are a mother-daughter team specializing in mind-body health.  Daina is a certified health coach while Maggie is a dietitian and nutritionist.  Their services include golf coaching, yoga, chef services, and Daina is certified in yoga for golf.  You can view a list of their yoga classes here and schedule their services by contacting Daina or Maggie at their location in the Village Exchange.

Contact DainaDaina’s yoga for golf class highlights a series of poses that move you towards a superior golf swing while teaching you how to focus and be mentally relaxed. At Hilton Head, we love to golf almost as much as we love to fish, and Daina and Maggie are a hole-in-one in our book.

Pop over to see us and cross the parking lot to visit the studio.  See you in the Thursday 9am Yin class, y’all. Namaste.

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