Maxxed Out!

We’re about to hit those hot, hot summer temperatures in Hilton Head Island and we don’t know about you, but we find ourselves standing in our closets wondering what in the world we can wear to beat the heat.  What we’ve learned through our extensive research? The maxi is the only way to go.

maxi louette

Plenty of coverage to keep the sun from heating up our skin along with a billowy skirt to catch the breeze off the water, the maxi dress paired with flip-flops for day and summer wedges for night is the perfect HHI summer look.  Need to dress up your maxi for a wedding or event? Louette has the cutest tiered necklaces and statement earrings.  Accessories always make the outfit, so be sure to have one of the girls style that perfect look!

Our favorite maxi in the store? This gorgeous royal blue cut out dress from HEATHER. We just can’t stop wearing it!

maxi heather louette

Check out more of our new arrivals on Facebook! We are just dying over the new collections!

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