Low Country Cookin’ on Hilton Head Island

Moonshine sampler. Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Banana puddin’. Three Southern staples, three delicious dishes at Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant just down the sidewalk from us at the Village Exchange Shopping Center.

Lowcountry Backyard patio HHI

It’s Friday night, and if you’re wondering where to eat, you should definitely try Lowcountry Backyard.  It’s a happening spot in Hilton Head, so make sure you are prepared to wait as they don’t take reservations.  Lucky for you, our new summer hours are in full swing, so you can shop until 7pm M-F, and during brunch until 4pm on Saturdays.  If you missed us, you can prop yourself up at the bar at LowCountry or just down the sidewalk at Cool Cats Lounge.

Banana Pudding Low Country backyard Hilton Head

Menu highlights? The moonshine sampler starts with regular ol’ moonshine, followed by peach, honeysuckle and berry flavors.  The Backyard Sampler hits all the right spots, starting with moonshine BBQ chicken, root beer glazed shrimp and the homemade BBQ pork.  For sides, you’ll enjoy collard greens and  apple ‘n’ raisin coleslaw.  (Add some Mac ‘n’ Cheese, trust us!) Not feeling like so many choices, the meatloaf is light but filling.  Last, but certainly not to be missed, the BANANA PUDDING. Oh. My. Gosh. It’s to die for.

You can’t go wrong at Lowcountry.  Live music, moonshine and a little Southern comfort food.

Like them on Facebook and check out their menu!

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