Baby Girls Need Fancy Headbands!

Headbands 1We just can’t get enough of the cuteness from these embellished headbands for your precious little girls!  They are great for dressing up any outfit and what little girl doesn’t love something shiny?

We’ve got the cutest baby section in the back of the store.  Tons of great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, and just because.

Did you know our Haul Couture bags are great baby bags? Keep milk, juice and snacks fresh while you have diapers, extra clothes and toys on the bottom of the partition. Love a bag that can multi-task!

baby headbands 4

Think these cutesy headbands won’t fit your newborn? Here’s a tip to adjust them without having to cut any elastic. Place it on your baby girl and pinch the extra elastic in your fingers (be careful not to pull her hair!). Remove it from her head and mark both sides of the elastic where you pinched.  Take a needle and thread and put one “tacking stitch” in the front and one in the back.  Voila! This is so simple, even the non-sewing crowd can do it! Whenever she grows, you can take it out and re-stitch!

baby headbands 2

The zebras are sold at Louette, too! Super soft and cuddly for all babies to enjoy!

Pop in this weekend to see our whole baby collection! Socks, onesies, bibs and more!

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