Healthy in Hilton Head Island: DelisheeeYo

delisheeeyo sign
Sometimes being on vacation can get you out of your healthy routine, but right across from Louette is a place that will keep you on the health bandwagon.  Delisheeeyo is a juice bar, wrap bar, soup bar, and yogurt stand; all organic, natural and easily the healthiest place to eat on the island.

A must for the vegetarian on vacation, the salad bar at DelisheeeYo has everything you want, and the staff is ready and willing to help you make the most delicious choices.  Start with a salad, and venture into a wrap with one of their protein spreads to keep you full, and grab a freshly made kombucha to wash it all down.

Delisheeeyo Salad Wrap Bar

Don’t leave just yet, because DelisheeeYo has the most refreshing frozen yogurt.  Take their traditional tart yogurt and top it with beautiful berries and dark chocolate beads, heath bar and caramel sauce, or any of three of the toppings you’d like.

Delisheeeyo Yogurt Directions

Feel like juicing while at Hilton Head? DelisheeeYo has freshly made juices that are healthy and delish.  It’s a health haven, and we’ll see you there for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

6 thoughts on “Healthy in Hilton Head Island: DelisheeeYo

  1. I have been to this place! It’s nothing short of AMAZING!!! And it really is The Mothership Of Healthy Eating on Hilton Head. Can’t go wrong.

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